CHART Reporting

The CHART Reporting application allows managers and operations staff at the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Coordinated Highway Action Response Team (CHART) to quickly answer questions about their real-time and archived operational conditions. To do this, CHART Reporting provides a robust set of filters that effectively allow the operations staff to essentially execute complex queries without requiring them to learn anything about the underlying database technology. The routinely uses this tool to field requests coming in from the public, from state police, and directly from the Governor’s office.

As a part of their operational procedures, CHART generates a rich data set encompassing thorough details about traffic accidents and construction projects, overhead message signs, cameras, and many other devices. CHART Reporting allows these disparate data sources to be queries and displayed intelligently so managers can quickly understand which components of their infrastructure each operator or operation center has touched during a given date range.

The application includes a scheduling interface, so users can have reports generated on a recurring basis and emailed to them to help them field questions that also come to them on a recurring basis.