Detector Explorer

The Detector Explorer is a robust tool that makes the data recorded by traffic detectors easily understandable through a series of graphical reports, charts, and tables all exportable to Excel. A traffic detector is a monitoring device used on roadways that collects real-time traffic data, such as speed and volume. The tool allows for exploration of this raw speed, volume, and occupancy data along a given time range for any single detector, road, or region of coverage. This data is also available for download to use within private applications. The tool also performs a variety of tests on the data to show any instability on the detector, whether it is showing incorrect values or it is not reporting data on a consistent basis, among many other tests.

The tool consists of two parts. The “Launch Pad” displays every detector provided to RITIS in their geospatial locations with the options to either download the raw data for that detector or go to the other feature of the tool, the “Profile Pages”. These pages display the speed, volume, occupancy, and health metrics in easily readable and exportable graphs.