Ohio DOT Optimizes Signalized Corridors Throughout the State Using the Travel Time Delta Ranking Tool in Probe Data Analytics

Your Content Charlie Fisher, the statewide traffic operations engineer for Ohio DOT (ODOT), is no stranger to leveraging Probe Data Analytics to its fullest when optimizing operational performance and improving safety along Ohio’s signalized corridors. As part of the state’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP), Charlie and his team have begun to employ a host of tools within RITIS and Probe Data Analytics, in particular, to improve the safety and efficiency of the state’s network. By using the Travel Time Delta Ranking tool to evaluate and prioritize which corridors to focus retiming efforts, the state estimated a savings of more than $32M in delay costs. “All of this ties back to SHSP goals with safety and optimizing performance of the current transportation network”, said Charlie of the RITIS technology stack that they use for their analysis. Charlie and his team are also employing RITIS Signal Analytics to investigate issues at specific intersections. The use of these tools has delivered time/resource savings to the agency and has improved its ability to communicate plan changes with the rich data visualizations RITIS offers. Take a look at Charlie’s recorded presentation during a recent RITIS user group meeting here.