Sky Graph

As air traffic rises at a rapid rate, congestion in National Airspace (NAS) becomes a primary concern of Air Traffic Control (ATC). This increase in traffic is pushing the limits of what controllers can handle in a given airspace. It is up to NAS designers to lay out optimal airspaces and routes that reduce the risk of incidents, allow for fuel efficient landings and limit the stress on air traffic controllers. Sky Graph provides a stereoscopic 3-dimensional environment where airspace designers can modify existing NAS elements as well as visually analyze historical flight and airspace data.

The goal of Sky Graph is to better visualize NAS, thus giving ATC personnel a better understanding of the structure of its elements and their interrelations. This visualization is also interactive allowing the user to select individual elements and modify them. Sky Graph can focus on different aspects of NAS to prevent an excess of data representation which can impede its exploration. All of these features combined with a stereoscopic viewing system offer an engaging and informative tool for ATC to use while planning NAS.