The Regional Integrated Transportation Information System (RITIS) is an automated data sharing, dissemination, and archiving system that includes many performance measure, dashboard, and visual analytics tools that help agencies… Read more »

Probe Data Analytics Suite

The Probe Data Analytics Suite allows agencies to support operations, planning, analysis, research, and performance measures generation using probe data mixed with other agency transportation data. The suite consists of… Read more »

Work Zone Performance Monitoring

The CATT Lab developed the Work Zone Performance Monitoring (WZPM) tool for Maryland State Highway Administration to assist in compliance with requirements in the Final Rule on Work Zone Safety… Read more

Virtual Weigh Station

The CATT Lab has designed a series of applications for the State Highway Administration, Motor Carrier Division, to help them monitor their virtual weigh station (VWS) sites. Android and iOS… Read more »


The Incident Timeline Tool provides for the visualization of detailed real-time and historic traffic management center incident data.  Large incident data sets can be viewed in a graphical, one-screen overview. … Read more »

CHART Reporting

The CHART Reporting application allows managers and operations staff at the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Coordinated Highway Action Response Team (CHART) to quickly answer questions about their real-time and archived… Read more »


Comparing Trees is difficult. To address this, we present TreeVersity a new interactive visualization that gives users powerful tools to detect both node value changes and topological differences. TreeVersity uses… Read more »

Explore And Visualize Crashes

Analyzing safety data to determine the cause of accidents and identify high-accident locations helps to improve road safety and reduce accident severity. Accident records contain a vast amount of information… Read more »

Detector Data Analysis

The Detector Explorer is a robust tool that makes the data recorded by traffic detectors easily understandable through a series of graphical reports, charts, and tables all exportable to Excel…. Read more »

Clarus History Explorer

The CATT Lab has integrated all Clarus Data into their Regional Integrated Transportation Information System (RITIS) for real-time situational awareness and historical safety data analysis.  RITIS is a data… Read more »

Time Spiral

Temporal data sets often present an interesting characteristic of being linear in nature, but contain cyclic patterns that are not effectively conveyed by conventional linear visualizations and are often more… Read more »

Incident Clustering Explorer

A novel, web-based, visual analytics tool called the Incident Cluster Explorer (ICE) was developed as an application that affords sophisticated yet user-friendly analysis of transportation incident datasets.  Interactive maps, histograms,… Read more »

Arc Chart

When dealing with data sets containing hundreds of variables, it is often extremely difficult, if not impossible, to quickly discover important and significant relationships that exist among the various data… Read more »

4D Virtual Globe

The advancement of automated data reporting technologies has supplied us with virtually boundless real-time geospatial information. It is becoming more common now for public and private sectors to provide access… Read more »

Sky Graph

As air traffic rises at a rapid rate, congestion in National Airspace (NAS) becomes a primary concern of Air Traffic Control (ATC).  This increase in traffic is pushing the limits… Read more »

Virtual Incident Management Training

Training of traffic control personnel, emergency management personnel, and first-responders is essential in effectively managing the consequences of road construction, traffic incidents, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other large-scale… Read more »

Crash Calendar

Working with Joni Graves at the University of Wisconsin, we created a digital interpretation of her Crash Calendar. The Wisconsin Bureau of Transportation Safety (BOTS) uses Mrs. Graves’ original Crash… Read more »